Stahl~Tek Vekian - D/A!

The Vekian - D/A is constructed of materials that provide excellent structural integrity, superb mechanical dampening, and isolates the internal circuitry from outside electrical interferences.

The Vekian – D/A's design is stunningly sophisticated, elegantly sleek, and refreshingly clean presentation. Beauty is not just skin deep with this D/A: it is sonically breath-taking!

The Vekian-D/A is now offered in a elegant matte silver finish!

Sonic Characteristics:

The Vekian - DA uses optimized digital / analog electronic circuitry to achieve high resolution performance and accuracy. As a result, the Vekian - D/A is extremely detailed, but reminiscent of analog vinyl reproduction. It truly brings out the best of the digital source material!


Individual/Fully Isolated Digital Inputs Circuitry Stage.

Ultra-low jitter performance is achieved with the combination of the low-jitter input receiver circuit

and a custom mechanically-damped/shielded Sample-Rate-Converter Module that is governed by a low noise precision master clock circuit.

Supports 24-Bit resolution with Input Sampling Rates from 32kHz to 192kHz, which is automatically Up-sampled to 192kHz.

Dual, Multi-channel, 24-bit Multi-bit segment/delta-sigma hybrid DACs configured for Symmetrically Balanced Two Channel Audio outputs.

Four custom analog filter stages with no non-linear components in the signal path, designed to optimize phase linearity through-out the entire audio spectrum, which is crucial to minimizing audible distortions and sonic degradation to spatial depth and imaging.

Four Discrete Hybrid Bipolar/Mosfet High-Power Class A Output Stage Amplifiers optimized for two-channel balanced mode operations capable of driving low impedance loads.

Oversized Transformers, Multiple Large Filtering Capacitors, and Multi-Staged Regulated Power Supplies for each Digital/Analog Sub-Circuits.

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    Digital Inputs: SPDIF 75 Ohm ± 1% on RCA BNC 75 Ohm ± 1% on BNC AES/EBU 110 Ohm ± 1% on XLR USB

    Sampling Input Frequencies: 32 KHz - 192 KHz

    Quantization: 24 Bit Resolution

    Frequency Response: 0 Hz - 100 Hz ± 0.02 dB

    Signal to Noise Ratio: >127 dB

    Dynamic Range: >127 dB

    THD: <0.005%

    Analog Outputs:

    True Balance XLR Outputs: 3.25Vrms or + 12.45dBu at 0 dBFS (Low gain setting) 6.5Vrms or + 18.47dBu at 0 dBFS (High gain setting)

    Single-Ended (Un-balanced) RCA Outputs: 1.63Vrms or + 6.43dBu at 0 dBFS (Low gain setting) 3.25Vrms or + 12.45dBu at 0 dBFS (High gain setting) Output Impendence: 43 Ohm

    Finishes: * Black with mirror black top * Silver with mirror black top

    Size W: 18.2” H: 7.5” D: 15.2”

    Weight 54 Lbs

    AC Supply Voltage 100/120/240 V

    Fuse 100/120V: Two 2-Amp Slow Blow 5x20mm style fuses 240V: 1.2-Amp Slow Blow 5x20mm style fuses